Customer Reviews of Precision Tune Auto Care in Austin, TX

Customer Reviews of Precision Tune Auto Care in Austin, TXWhen it comes to finding a reliable auto repair shop in Austin one of the best methods to use is checking customer reviews. While many shops would prefer that you didn't check to see what their past customers have to say, at Precision Tune Auto Care we have no problem sharing. We love getting feedback from our clients, as we truly believe it reflects our mission of providing outstanding car care and excellent customer service. The next time you need auto repair in Austin we hope you'll listen to your friends and neighbors, like these ones here, and give our shop a chance at earning your business for life!

Been coming for years and enjoy the peace of mind they provide. We've really never had a bad experience with these guys. - Hanna B.

I had a great experience here! I needed my vehicle inspected. The staff at Precision Tune were courteous, professional, and friendly and they finished quickly and they were the most reasonably priced service in Austin! Highly, highly recommended. - Sean K.

I needed my headlight replaced and everywhere else I called was trying to charge me an outrageous price. I called Precision Tune and they gave me a great deal. It was a breeze getting it fixed, and they even charged me less than what was originally quoted since the labor did not take them as long. I trust them to not try to swindle me, which is how I often feel going to other places as a female. Thank you for your kindness! You will be seeing me here again! - Ann Y.

Always helpful and friendly, advice on what car maintenance is next and needed at the time of mileage. Plus precision uses synchrony car care credit card. Therefore you have time to payoff you card and helps your credit score. - Jennifer V.

Had my car in for some routine maintenance and an oil change. They not only got the work done as quoted upfront, but they threw in other bonuses like filling up my tires and applying a couple of coupons I wasn't aware of to the bill. Super friendly and helpful, and all of the repairs were made really quick. After trying out several other shops around town where they either tried to get me to do needless repairs or the service too far too long without any updates, I'm so relieved to have found an honest and friendly shop I can look forward to come back to. - Alton C.

I come here with all my car problems. Always amazing service from smiling faces. They have fixed my car countless times, not too expensive. Most people hate getting their cars worked on but since I get to come here, I don't mind at all. - Cheyenne H.

As you can see, we really care about our customers! When it is time for auto repair in Austin come see us on Brake Lane or give us a call at (512) 580-4826. We look forward to helping you with all of your car's needs!

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