4 Automotive Sensors that Help Your Car Run Right

4 Automotive Sensors that Help Your Car Run RightYour car utilizes a vast network of sensors to ensure that your vehicle runs efficiently and safely. If a sensor is unable to take proper readings it could result in a poor running engine or any number of other issues. Should this occur it is likely that your vehicle will illuminate the check engine light, or another dashboard indicator light. Be sure to head to the auto shop right away to prevent any onboard troubles from growing worse.

MAF Sensor

The mass airflow (MAF) sensor is used by your car to calculate how much air is flowing into the combustion chamber. This information is then used to determine how much gasoline needs to be injected into the combustion chamber to ensure that the engine runs right. If your car does not have a MAF sensor, it likely has a manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor.

O2 Sensor

Similar to the mass airflow sensor, the oxygen sensor detects oxygen levels in the exhaust to help calculate the proper air/fuel mix in the combustion chamber. One of the most common reasons for the oxygen sensor to take inaccurate readings is an exhaust leak.

TPS Sensor

The throttle position sensor (TPS) is used by your car's computer to determine how far the gas pedal is held down by your foot, in order to determine the correct amount of fuel to send into the engine. A dirty or failed TPS can result in improper acceleration, which could make your vehicle dangerous to operate.

Knock Sensor

Engine knocks and ping sounds can be caused by improper timing. The knock sensor is essentially a small microphone that is bolted to the engine block to detect these sounds. If the sensor does detect a knock it will send an electrical charge to the car's main computer (ECM in most cases), which can then adjust the timing of the engine to prevent the knock from continuing.

These sensors are essentially maintenance free, but they can develop problems directly or indirectly, which will generally lead to a dashboard indicator light coming on. If any light on your dash has illuminated and you need automotive diagnostics in Austin head to Precision Tune Auto Care. We provide superior auto repair and maintenance services for all makes and models. Give us a call at (512) 580-4826 to learn more about our services or to schedule superior auto repair in Austin today.

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