Does my car need clutch repair?

Does my car need clutch repair?Driving a manual transmission is preferable for some people, and others not so much. For those who did enjoy the third pedal they have an obligation to pay attention to how their car shifts, as there may come a time when a new clutch plate is needed. The clutch is the lever that allows for the shifting of gears, should it not be able to properly operate your car is going to have trouble getting anywhere. Pay attention for these signs of clutch failure and call your local mechanic if you notice any of them.

Soft clutch pedal

Does your clutch pedal seem to rest closer to the floor, or is it much easier to push than it used to be? This is a solid sign of a worn clutch plate and the issue needs to be taken care of immediately. On the brighter side, there is a good chance that this simply indicates a need for a clutch adjustment.

Slipping gears

Your manual transmission should never pop into neutral unannounced. If it does it could mean one of a few issues, which includes that it may be time for a new clutch. However this may also mean that there is an engine oil leak occurring and the oil is dripping onto the clutch plate and causing excessive lubrication, resulting in the slip.

Burning smell

Do you remember learning how to drive a stick shift and the smell that would arise as you first accelerated out of first gear? Well if this odor becomes a regular scent in your car now that you're pro at using three pedals, it means it's time for clutch repair. Don't hesitate to have this checked out by an expert technician, as the longer you wait, the more damage that may be done.

At Precision Tune Auto Care we can give you our honest opinion about the troubles that you're experiencing. If it is determined that you need clutch repair in Austin our expert technicians will get the job done quickly and affordably. Our full service auto repair shop can do it all for your import or domestic vehicle. Give Precision Tune Auto Care a call at (512) 580-4826 to schedule superior auto repair in Austin or the neighboring communities today.

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