Does my car need radiator repair?

Does my car need radiator repair?During routine operation of your vehicle the engine gets very hot, which is why the cooling system exists. It is designed to regulate engine temps so that the motor doesn't quite literally melt itself or otherwise malfunction due to excessive heat. If the cooling system springs a leak or otherwise fails your vehicle will begin to overheat, which can lead to a variety of major engine problems, including a blown head gasket. In order to avoid extensive auto repair stay on the lookout for these signs of cooling system failure!

Rising Temp Gauge

Your vehicle's dashboard likely contains a temperature gauge that indicates the temperature of the motor, usually with blue and red coloring. The needle or gauge should indicate that the temperature is somewhere near the middle under normal operations. If that gauge reads high you will want to head to the mechanic to see what the issue is is. This is often caused by a faulty thermostat.


If your car begins to overheat it will begin to pour white smoke out from under the hood. Pull over as soon as it is safe and legal to do so to avoid any more damage to the engine and then get in touch with your mechanic to find out what to do next, which may involve towing the car or just letting it rest.

Rust or Discoloration on the Motor

If you open the hood and notice spots of rust or discoloration there's a good chance that coolant has been sprayed across the engine from a small leak in the radiator or a hose. The fluid will boil off of the hot engine parts, removing any paint finish and causing the bare metal to rust.

Low Coolant Levels

On occasion be sure to check your coolant levels when the motor is cold. If coolant is escaping into the engine and being burnt up you will likely have excessive amounts of white smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe. Unfortunately you may not notice this symptom right away and the low levels of coolant will result in overheating issues.

Visible Coolant Leak

The most obvious sign of a problem is a visible coolant leak. If you find a green, sweet smelling fluid in your driveway or wherever you park your car you definitely have a coolant leak. Be sure to clean this spill up, as it is very attractive to animals, but also very poisonous.

If you have discovered a coolant leak or believe you're experiencing some sort of other cooling system trouble, don't hesitate to have an expert technician have a look, or else you'll end up with bigger problems. When you need radiator repair in Austin visit the team at Precision Tune Auto Care. We take great pride in offer dealership quality auto repair for all makes and models. To schedule an appointment for superior auto repair in Austin give us a call at (512) 580-4826 and we'd be happy to help.

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