Simple Ways to Damage Your Vehicle's Transmission

Simple Ways to Damage Your Vehicle's TransmissionIf you really dislike your car or truck follow these steps to break the transmission, and really show it who's boss! In reality, this information should help you provide your vehicle's transmission with a long and healthy life, so be sure not to do these things! If you suffer from any of these driving habits drop them now, or else you'll find your car in need of transmission repair.

Downshifting as braking

A quick downshift when the car is operating at high RPMs could result in excessive wear of transmission parts, such as the clutch and bands. Use the brakes to stop and slow!

Moving from reverse to drive before the car comes to a complete stop

Your car needs to be at a complete stop before shifting into reverse, or vice versa.

Incorrect transmission fluid

Using the wrong kind of fluid in a transmission can result in poor lubrication and rough shifting. Check with your technician about which type of fluid is right for your vehicle.

Keep your hand on the shift lever

If you keep your hand on the shifter in your automatic transmission vehicle, particularly dash mounted shifters, you will put excessive strain on the tranny as it won't be fully in gear due to the weight of your hand.

Not using the parking brake

If you drive an automatic transmission be sure to set the parking brake, put the car in neutral and let it roll against the brake before putting it in park. This will reduce strain on the transmission.

Riding the clutch

Keeping your foot on the clutch pedal of a manual transmission vehicle while driving is going to result in excessive wear of the clutch plate and damage the clutch linkage.

Operating at low fluid levels

If you ever notice red liquid dripping under your car it is likely transmission fluid. Operating the vehicle with low levels of transmission fluid can result in major transmission damage.

Neglecting factory transmission maintenance

Vehicles require maintenance of their various components to keep them in proper working condition. If you fail to complete transmission services it will end up needing major repair.

If it is time for transmission service in Austin head to Precision Tune Auto Care. Our expert auto repair techs will have you shifting smooth in no time. Give us a call at (512) 580-4826 to schedule professional auto repair in Austin today.

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