Is My Alternator Failing? Signs that Say Yes

Because a malfunctioning alternator can potentially leave you stranded, you'll want to take action when you first notice a sign of trouble. At Precision Tune Auto Care, our local mechanics can expertly address your alternator and electrical system issues. Come and see us when you notice any of the following signs of alternator failure.

Common Symptoms of Alternator Trouble

A dead battery is one well-known sign of an alternator problem. However, a dead battery doesn't automatically mean the alternator is to blame. After all, forgetting to turn off your headlights can kill your battery, even with a healthy alternator. But if there's no obvious explanation for your dead battery, then it's worth investigating your alternator as the culprit.

An illuminated dashboard warning light is often the first indication of an alternator issue. This light commonly reads GEN, ALT, or turns on in the shape of a small battery. Anytime a warning light comes on, it's best to quickly figure out what exactly is triggering it. This way, the problem can be addressed before it escalates.

If your car is having issues with its electrical accessories, then a bad alternator could be to blame. Today's vehicles regularly have computers that can figure out which electrical accessories should first have their power supply diminished when the alternator isn't working properly. This way, power is saved for the car's most critical electrical functions, but this could lead to issues with accessories like the radio or power seats. An alternator problem may also cause headlights to act erratically. If your headlights start dimming or flickering while you're driving at night on a poorly-lit road, then your safety could be imperiled. A failing alternator can also create a safety hazard if an insufficient amount of power is sent to spark plugs, causing your car to stall while in traffic.

Alternator Replacement & Electrical System Repair in Austin, TX

When you need auto repair in Austin, contact Precision Tune Auto Care at (512) 580-4826. At our local auto shop, we can expertly address any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: August 30, 2021

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