Is it time for a tune up?

Is it time for a tune up?Not every car problem requires a massive repair. It may be comforting to learn that there are number of issues that require simple maintenance in order to get the car back up and running great condition. Generally these fixes may be filed under the term tune up. This may include replacing spark plugs, an air filter or the fuel filter, taking care of battery issues, cleaning the fuel injection unit or simply running diagnostics to identify a simple fix. Here are a few issues that could indicate it is time to take your car in for a tune up.

Rough idle

Idling is the term for when your car's engine is on but the vehicle is not moving. You can watch how stable the vehicle's idle is by keeping an eye on the tachometer which measures RPMs, or revolutions per minute of the engine. When the car is still it should sound strong and constant. Any wobble in the RPMs could indicate a problem that needs to be addressed.


One of the more dangerous issues associated with car problems is stalling. This means that the car shuts off when you are driving or when stopped at a stop sign for instance. A problem like this could indicate fuel delivery issues, dirty spark plugs or a number of other easy to fix, but serious, problems.

No starts

Car won't start? Have no fear! While it may be true your car could need a more serious repair such as starter or alternator replacement, it could just be suffering from a clogged fuel filter or a dying battery. Both of these issues can be fixed relatively inexpensively and very quickly!

Reduced power

If you notice that your car is having trouble getting up to speed or if it simply refuses to go over a certain speed it may be time for a tune up. There are numerous issues that could initiate this kind of problem so its best to let a professional auto technician run diagnostics in order to find the true cause.

Declining fuel efficiency

Are you spending more time at the gas pump than you used to? Poor auto maintenance habits, including not changing your oil as frequent as you should, could lead to a massive decrease in fuel efficiency. Get in for a tune up so you can spend more time on the road and less time and money at the pump.

If your car is giving you any sort of trouble it is best to visit an auto shop to identify exactly what is wrong. If it is time for a tune up in Austin, TX, visit Precision Tune Auto Care. We offer bumper to bumper auto maintenance and repair for all makes and models. To learn more about our extensive services or to schedule quality auto maintenance in Austin reach out to us at (512) 580-4826.

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