3 Maintenance Tasks to Prevent Serious Engine Problems

3 Maintenance Tasks to Prevent Serious Engine ProblemsBecause your car is a major investment and serves a crucial role in your daily routine, it's important to take preventive measures to reduce the risk of serious engine trouble. But in the event that signs of engine trouble do emerge, you'll want to get to the shop ASAP so that the problem can be identified and addressed before it gets worse. At Precision Tune Auto Care, our local mechanics are experts at completing engine repair and maintenance in the greater Austin, TX area. Here are three important types of maintenance to prevent major engine problems.

Oil Change

By always staying up to date with oil changes, you'll help to ensure that your engine's moving parts stay properly lubricated. This will keep your engine protected from metal-on-metal contact that could cause major damage. And by driving with the proper level of uncontaminated oil, heat will be more efficiently redistributed from your combustion chamber. This will help with maintaining a safe engine temperature.

Timing Belt Replacement

A healthy timing belt keeps camshaft and crankshaft movement aligned. Generally, timing belts are supposed to be replaced at a point between 60,000 and 105,000 miles, and you'll want to follow the exact specification outlined in your owner's manual. When timing belt replacement is delayed, there's a risk of the belt breaking and causing massive engine issues.

Cooling System Service

When an engine overheats, major damage can occur, including a cracked block. This makes it very important that your car's cooling system is functioning properly. Generally, it's suggested that coolant is exchanged at intervals of 30,000 miles. When you drive with the right amount of unpolluted coolant, there's much less risk of overheating.

Auto Maintenance in Austin, TX

When you need auto maintenance in Austin and the surrounding area, contact Precision Tune Auto Care at (512) 580-4826. At our local auto shop, we can complete any type of repair or maintenance that your vehicle needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: May 2022

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