Top Signs your Vehicle Needs a Wheel Alignment

Top Signs your Vehicle Needs a Wheel AlignmentNo matter how many computers and microprocessors there may be in today's advanced automobiles, somethings will never change -- like the fact a pothole can throw off your car's wheel alignment! It's important that your vehicle's tires remain properly aligned, meaning the car drives straight without any issues, to ensure that it is safe to drive and easy to control. A car's wheel may become misaligned after an encounter with a bad bump, curb or a major or minor accident. If you experience any of the following signs of bad wheel alignment be sure to schedule service with your local auto shop.

Veering and/or Pulling

A common sign of alignment trouble is if you experience a pulling sensation that occurs as you drive down the road. This means that your vehicle veers or pulls left or right without you trying to do so. There are two different types of pulling, which are soft and hard. Hard pulling is a very noticeable issue where you have to fight with the steering wheel to keep the car going straight. Soft pulling may only be noticed when you have a light grip on the steering wheel and the car drifts one way or the other. Either way, you need to have the issue checked out to restore the car's safety.

Steering Wheel Vibration

Another sign of wheel alignment problems is a vibrating or shaking steering wheel. If your car is out of alignment it means at least one tire is not pointing in the same direction as the others. Due to this your vehicle will try to travel in two directions at once. This will result in your steering wheel vibrating back and forth as drive as it also tries to go both ways. It may be very subtle at first, but if the alignment issue grows worse it can become quite a ferocious shake.

Uneven Tire Wear

If you experience either of the above problems you can often confirm alignment trouble by checking out the tread on your car's tires. If one tire is wearing differently than the rest, or at least the one on the other side of the car, there is a good chance that the vehicle's wheel alignment is not correct.

Alignment issues are a huge safety hazard because it will prevent you from properly controlling your car or truck. To keep your vehicle safe you should always visit an auto repair shop anytime you suspect control troubles. If you believe you need a wheel alignment in Austin head to Precision Tune Auto Care. Our team of superior auto repair technicians will have you cruising straight in no time. Give Precision Tune Auto Care a call at (512) 580-4826 to schedule expert auto repair in Austin at the first sign of trouble.

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