Why to Choose Synthetic Oil

Why to Choose Synthetic OilTo keep your engine running optimally, you'll want to always stay up-to-date with oil changes. In your owner's manual, you can see your car's requirements for particular oil type and oil change mileage points. Typically, synthetic oil is deemed better than conventional oil because it offers stronger protection for the engine's moving parts. Also, it doesn't have to be changed as frequently. At Precision Tune Auto Care, we offer full-service synthetic oil changes that will help to keep your engine in excellent condition.

Top Benefits of Synthetic Oil

Modern motor oils have about 20% additives. Synthetic and conventional oil both have additives, but the additives in synthetic oil are of a better quality and won't become degraded as fast as those used in conventional oil. Because synthetic is chemically-engineered to a higher degree, its molecules are more uniform in their shape and size and have greater purity.

As you drive to work and back each day, using high-quality synthetic oil will benefit your engine in multiple ways. One way is that synthetic oil helps your engine perform better during times when the weather is extremely hot or frigidly cold. During periods of intense heat, there will be less burn-off with synthetic oil. And when the weather turns chilly, synthetic oil will help your engine fire up more readily. Also, because synthetic oil helps to minimize friction in your engine, it'll enable your vehicle to achieve better fuel-efficiency. Another benefit is that synthetic oil decreases engine drag, which can help with horsepower. And because synthetic oil has fewer impurities, sludge is less likely to build up in your engine.

Full-Service Oil Change in Austin, TX

If you need auto maintenance in Austin and the surrounding area, contact Precision Tune Auto Care at (512) 580-4826. At our local auto shop, we can complete any type of repair or maintenance that your vehicle needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: October 2021

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