Engine Diagnostics in Austin, TX

Engine Diagnostics in Austin, TX
When your car isn't running right it could be caused by any number of issues, and not all of them have to do with engine. However, many times the problem can directly related to engine issues caused by a lack of maintenance, routine wear and tear and extreme high mileage. Engine problems can cause all sorts of issues, including a decrease in fuel efficiency, stalling or rough idling, or even no starts. The thing that most problems have in common is that they will trigger the check engine light. At Precision Tune Auto Care we utilize the latest technology to diagnose engine issues so we can get to the root of the problem quickly. The next time you believe your car is having engine issues give us a call for expert engine diagnostics in Austin and we will restore the issues as quickly as possible.

Check Engine Light Diagnosis

The check engine light will turn on when a sensor within the vehicle detects a problem. Sensors in your car monitor everything from spark creation, gasses, intake measurements, idle speed and so many other things. Even a slight miscalculation or malfunction from one system within your car could trigger the light to come on. It is important to note that many issues are quite small and can be repaired rather inexpensively when addressed as soon as the light illuminates. Waiting to have diagnostics ran could allow time for the issue to grow much worse and the repairs more expensive.

What causes the check engine light to come on

Some of the most common issues that will trigger the check engine light are rather simple, such as misfiring spark plugs or even a loose gas cap. Other issues include a malfunctioning oxygen sensor or mass airflow sensor. One of the biggest problems that could trigger this light is a faulty catalytic converter. This is a part of the exhaust system that converts hazardous exhaust fumes into less harmful emissions. It is expensive to replace but generally won't malfunction unless another part fails first, which would likely have made the check engine light turn on beforehand.

Repairing engine problems

Repairing engine problems in Austin, TX
Once we diagnose a problem we will take the proper steps to ensure that it is properly repaired. This may involve multiple actions, including installing new parts with high quality replacements, cleaning passages, connections or components, updating the vehicle's software or replacing wiring or other electronic equipment.

We pride ourselves in being able to handle difficult repair services at Precision Tune Auto Care. If your car is having any sort of trouble running or starting get in touch with us today by calling (512) 580-4826 to schedule engine diagnostics in Austin. We will have you up and running in no time!

"No matter what type of service I require, the staff is always committed to making sure everything is done right. I also like that no unnecessary repairs are thrown in as has been the case at other service places I have been to in the past."


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